SoulCollage Circles

What is SoulCollage®?

It is an intuitive and easy process for creating an amazing personal deck of cards, with each card having a personal reflection of a part of who you are. It is all about bringing balance to your life and helping you to figure out paths and answers.  

Kate is a trained facilitator in the creative practice of SoulCollage® , since Feb 2013. 

Join Kate in one of her circles and work in harmony with other women who are creating their own cards. Each circle time starts with card making, and then concludes with our sitting in circle and sharing about the cards we created.  It is an atmosphere of unconditional support and love for each other.  

Invitation to SoulCollage

The practice of SoulCollage at Kamala is an ongoing commitment. The level of continuity and trust that develops is a key factor in how healing and balancing this is. SoulCollage helps you find your voice, your heart and your authentic self.  Kamala also has a secret Facebook page to discuss things that come up during your time outside the circle.

SoulCollage meets three weeks each month. 
Tuition is $30 for each month,
paid at the first meeting in full.
 No credits forward if you miss a meeting time.
Please contact Kate for information about available space in each circle, they have limited seating.

Pre-registration is necessary.
Circles are not drop in, space is limited to 8 women.

Occasionally due to holidays or travel, the meet time will shift or postpone.In the case that Kate cancels, there will be a credit toward later class times.

The first half of a SoulCollage Circle takes place in the beautiful Art Room at our new location. Kate supplies images, and some tools to share. Cards, plastic sleeves, glue sticks and assorted other supplies are for sale if you need them. 
Bring an exacto knife, micropoint scissors if you have them, and a craft blade knife if you own one.  Some also will bring small straight paper cutters from their scrapbooking hobby.

For more information and a show&tell about the SoulCollage process, make an appointment with Kate.
508-429-2156 or 508-429-2124
You may also message me via Facebook by finding Kamala Art&Soul.
Please look at the link to SoulCollage posted above also for Seena Frost's introduction. 

Please contact Kate  or 508-429-2156
The cost for a 3 hour session is $90
Materials provided if it is your first experience.  
Depending upon where you are in your SoulCollage practice, the session will be tailored to fit your needs. 

Schedule is flexible, including weekends. 
3-4 people minimum
Cost $40 for 3 hours
Card making introduction if everyone is a beginner, and sitting in circle to finish. 
This would be a lovely Sunday activity with your best friends <3  

Join us and begin your Soul's Journey to balance.
Love to you and peace, 

Once a month, a softer, undirected circle gathers at Kamala Art&Soul. 
For women who are seeking a gentle place to sit with other women and share what is needing to come forward at that time.  It is always a lovely circle.

Cost is $10 per circle.  Preregistration required, SoulHive is not drop in. 
Space is limited to 8. 


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